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Quality is our top priority. Our fully qualified tilers will offer you professional advice and install wall and floor coverings that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship – exactly in line with your wishes.


GANTER Basel AG – quality since 1952

We have been installing wall and floor tiles made of ceramic material as well as natural and artificial stone for three generations – around 65,000 m2 of tiling every year. That adds up to the area of about six football pitches! Our team of 18 employees are standing by to assist you at GANTER Basel AG.

Materials for tiling work are quickly available, so our qualified tilers carry out their work professionally and promptly. And with a fleet of ten delivery vehicles and a crane truck, we also handle the logistics efficiently. Our GANTER specialists are professionals with many years of experience. We guarantee that the tiling work will be carried out carefully and efficiently – exactly according to your wishes. Detailed daily reports provide a transparent record of every stage of the work. We combine high-grade materials with quality craftsmanship to offer solutions that are attractive as well as durable.

If you opt for a wall or floor covering in ceramic, natural or artificial stone, you are investing in the future. Quality has been our top priority since 1952. And that’s why GANTER Basel AG offers its customers a warranty of up to five years.

Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt
Schweizerischer Plattenverband
Berufsausbildung Plus
Keramik Einzigartig


Installation work

Our experienced tilers are real masters of their art. Working to the highest standards of craftsmanship, they install wall and floor tiles made of ceramic material as well as natural and artificial stone in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Refurbishment and rebuilding

More and more refurbishment work is being undertaken in buildings while people are still living in them. To assist you with your planning, we operate flexibly; our work is clean and emission-free as far as possible, and we show consideration for the building’s occupants. We can draw on our lengthy experience of planning and execution to implement even the smallest details with the greatest care. We will be glad to handle your project right from the start through to final acceptance, with follow-up support based on our expertise – so you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.

Industrial, commercial and public buildings

As part of the planning phase, we discuss the functional aspects of the tiling with the customer, and we select the most suitable materials together. Large-scale kitchens, laboratories, swimming pools or shower facilities: wherever high usage levels or chemical substances place extreme demands on tiled surfaces, the key characteristics needed are non-slip properties, electrical conductivity, resistance to acids and watertightness.

Private properties

Fancy some new tiles in the bathroom, or custom-designed floor tiling in the kitchen? We’ll take the greatest of care to give your home that very special personal touch! We also carry out small masonry and plastering jobs. Our service is customer friendly and professional – we will fulfil your wishes, whether or not you engage an architect.

Kitchen - Clinik KJPK
Indoor pool Kleinhüningen - Baudepartement Basel-Stadt
Bathroom - clinic KJPK
Entrance hall - Public-buildings
Bathroom - Private-properties

Grout joints

Mouldy or leaking silicone joints?

Silicone joints (sometimes called grouting or grout joints) are essential to ensure protection against moisture and sound transmission. They are exposed to strong chemical and/or physical influences, so they must be inspected regularly and renewed when necessary. We will be glad to carry out this work for you.

Maintenance and repair work

Faulty tiles don’t just look bad!

Moisture can penetrate through cracks in the tile and is often responsible for more deep-seated problems such as mould, mildew or leaks in the surface under the tiling. This can happen in kitchens and bathrooms, and also on balconies. If damage occurs in rented properties, it is best to agree the next steps with the owner or building manager.


How to make your floors shine

In the final construction cleaning (site cleanup) process, we remove soiling – such as cement or epoxy resin haze and general dirt – from new tiling so that no residues are left behind. Deep cleaning of existing tiled areas usually involves the removal of a combination of deeply ingrained dirt, surface dirt and layers of care products. Special cleaning removes exceptionally stubborn dirt and stains such as green deposits, oil stains, tar spots and other blemishes.

Protection and care

How to keep your tiles looking beautiful

Regular maintenance with suitable care products is essential to ensure that your tiles and natural stone surfaces preserve their appearance – and their value. Impregnation agents make the tiles water-repellent and/or oil-repellent, depending on the product’s ingredients. Colour enhancers improve the tiles‘ visual appearance by accentuating their existing colours. Sealants produce a distinctive film that covers the surface of the flooring so it becomes non-slip after they have been applied.

Our experts will be glad to suggest optimal solutions for cleaning, protecting and caring for your tiled surfaces, tailored to your particular situation. To get a free expert assessment and quotation, call us on 061 338 86 or send us an email.  info@ganter.ch

Silicon- and Grout joints
Professional execution of joints
Replacement of broken ceramic plates
Repair work
Cleaning of wall and floor coverings
Professional floor tile cleaning


Ceramic – versatile, innovative and durable

Ceramic tiling is very ecological and environment friendly. This building material simply consists of clay, minerals and water – with the addition of fire.

Modern ceramic materials offer an amazing variety of unusual surfaces, textures, colours and formats. They can even imitate natural stone and wood – with deceptive accuracy! Large-format tiles – in lengths of up to three meters – strike a modern note: they are installed with narrow joints to create a flat, even floor that gives a relaxed impression.

Benefits of tiled surfaces

Tiles last for ever – no matter how much they are exposed to wear from cleaning or during use

Fire-resistant and frostproof

Ceramic tiling is totally fireproof and weather-resistant. Embers falling from the fireplace or stiletto heels don’t stand a chance on tiled floors. The high percentage of joints in tiled flooring produces an anti-slip effect, so this solution is highly suitable for balconies and terraces.

Colourfast and non-fading

Even after many years, surfaces tiled with ceramic material and natural or artificial stone retain their original colours. They can withstand the aggressive UV radiation in sunlight and do not fade.

Antistatic and energy efficient

Unlike many other types of covering, tiling is antistatic. Floor tiles also have thermal energy storage and conductivity properties, making them the ideal choice of flooring for underfloor heating.

Pollutant-free and odourless 

Thinset mortar and grout consist of cement and natural types of sand. They are emission-neutral and have no effect on the ambient air after processing. They neither absorb nor store odours, vapours, smoke or fumes.

Ideal for people with allergies – resistant against mould and mildew

Ceramic wall and floor coverings have a closed surface that is fired at a high temperature, so they are especially suitable for people with allergies. They are highly resistant to mould and mildew, making them ideal for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

Ceramic, matt/polished

Ceramic, matt/polished

Fine stoneware, matt

Fine stoneware, matt

Wood-look ceramic

Wood-look ceramic

Earthenware tiles

Earthenware tiles

Cement tiles

Cement tiles

Artificial stone

Artificial stone

Natural stone

Natural stone




You make your choice – we organise everything and install your tiles.

Visit a specialist dealer to view the most attractive ceramic, natural or artificial stone tiles and then hire our team to source and install the materials of your choice. Before we start work, you will receive a specific quotation for your project with the budget and proposed deadlines.


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Quality building work

Project details

Architect | Client

BMW / Mini, Aesch
Showrooms and Autoshop
Losinger Marazzi AG
Euregio, Viaduktstrasse, Basel WC facilities Richard Maier (USA) | Göhner Merkur
Gundelipark, J.J. Balmer-Strasse, Basel
Renovation of apartments
Batigroup AG General Contractor | Credit Suisse
Basel Cantonal Hospital (West)
Washing facilities
Basel-Stadt Construction and Transport Department
Klybeck Schoolhouse, Basel
WC facilities

Morger & Degelo | Basel-Stadt Construction and Transport Department

McDonald’s at Bad. Bahnhof Railway Station, Basel
Restaurant Mc Donald‘s, Crissier
University Psychiatric Clinics, Basel
Large-scale kitchen
Basel-Stadt Construction and Transport Department
Radisson SAS Hotel, Basel Rebuilding of WC facilities Avireal AG, Zurich Airport | Radisson SAS Hotel, Basel
University Centre of Pharmaceutical Medicine Klingelbergstrasse, Basel
Renovation, WC facilities
Andrea Roost | Construction Department, Basel
Residential Home and Sheltered Workshop, Bottmingen
Special-care bathrooms

Ackermann Architekt | Residential Home and Sheltered Workshop Foundation

St. Jakobshalle Arena, Basel
Operations Building
Degelo Arch. | Basel-Stadt Construction and Transport Department
Wilhelm Klein-Strasse 27, Basel
New building for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department
Rapp Architects Ltd | University Psychiatric Clinics, Basel
Rütlistrasse 32, Basel Renovation of apartments

AEBI BAUMANN AG | Warteck Invest AG

Beckenrüttiackerweg/Klusweg, Reinach Fiechten Sports Ground Müller & Naegelin | Municipality of Reinach
Secondary school, Münchenstein
Extension to secondary school
Proplaning AG | Basel-Landschaft Cantonal Building Department
Wiesendamm 30/32, Basel
New multi-family dwelling construction

Müller & Naegelin | Evangelical-Reformed Church of Basel-Stadt

Herbergsgasse 7 / Petersgraben 15, Basel
Catholic Students‘ Residence

Rapp Architects Ltd | Augustinusverein (student welfare association)

Burgfeldermattweg 49-63, Basel
Refurbishment of multi-family dwellings

befair partners ag | Nest Collective Foundation

Roche Building 500, Tinguely Museum
Restaurant Chez Jeannot
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel
Am Kohlistieg, Rüchligweg, Riehen
Construction of new residential development
Rapp Architects Ltd | Housing Cooperative
Barfüsserplatz 7, Barfüsserkirche
Maintenance work

Basel Historical Museum | Basel-Stadt Construction and Transport Department

Acavita, Daycare Centre for Senior Citizens, Ettingen
New building
Wirz & Partner Baumanagement AG | Acavita Foundation
Vogelsangstrasse 4, Basel
New residential building
Ritter Giger Schmid | MIBA Cooperative
Basel-Land Cantonal Bank, Birsfelden, Reinach, Therwil
Renovation of floor coverings
Burckhardt+Partner AG | Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank
Project details
Architect | Client
St. Johann Retirement and Nursing Home
Entrance, chapel and façade
Ritter Giger Ness Beutler | Stiftung Christliches Altersheim St. Johann Foundation
Hotel Europe, Clarastrasse, Basel
Entrance lobby and staircase
Sulzer und Buzzi | Coop Basel, Liestal, Fricktal
EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse, Basel
New office building, hangar
Hangar Gruner AG | Crossair / Swiss
Hotel Victoria, Bahnhofplatz, Basel
Cladding for entrance portal
Burckhardt + Partner AG | Coop Basel, Liestal, Fricktal
Smaragd Rehabilitation Centre, Reinach
New building, floors and staircases

Archico, M. Senn | Verein Guttempler Sozialwerk (welfare association)

Falknerstrasse 5, Basel
Marcus Gardani | Swiss Life Ltd
Cemetery building, Lausen
Conversion and extension of the cemetery building
Buser + Mitarbeiter Architekten AG | Municipality of Lausen
Schäferweg 18/20, Basel
Lassoudry architects GmbH | Viking River Cruises AG
Project details
Architect | Client
Davidoff, Basel
Entrance and staircase
Diener + Diener
Morgan, Freie Strasse, Basel Salesrooms Marcel Müller, Oberwil | Private
St. Johanns-Vorstadt, Basel
Medical practice
BEO Immobilien | Dr Nussberger
University Hospital Basel, Clinic 1
Itten+Brechbühl Inc. | University Hospital Basel
Claraspital (hospital), Basel
W. Schmid & Glanzmann AG
Project details
Architect | Client
Coop at Basel railway station
Mortar flooring in ceramic
Burckhardt + Partner AG | Coop Basel, Liestal, Fricktal
Coop Baslertor, Hauptstrasse, Muttenz
Ceramic tiling
Sulzer und Buzzi | Coop Basel, Liestal, Fricktal
Herren Globus (menswear), Freie Strasse, Basel
Fine stoneware flooring, natural stone
R. Zimmermann | Globus
Migros Eglisee, Basel
Mortar flooring in artificial stone
Diener + Diener | Migros
Project details
Architect | Client
Ciba Speciality Chemicals, Schweizerhalle
Laboratory building, acid protection
Ciba Speciality Chemicals
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Building 92, Basel
New laboratory building

Herzog & de Meuron | F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel

Novartis, Kaiseraugst
WC facilities and laboratories
Proplaning AG | Novartis AG
Roche, Basel / Kaiseraugst
Framework agreement for maintenance work

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel

Project details
Architect | Client
Engler family, Binningen
New building for wellness centre

Michael Aebli, Architect HTL | Engler family, Binningen

Professional Fire Brigade, Kornhausgasse, Basel
Shower facilities / vehicle halls

François Fasnacht | Basel-Stadt Construction and Transport Department

Stücki site, Horburgstrasse, Basel
Construction of new bathrooms

Diener & Diener | Stücki Consortium

Helsinki Dreispitz, Basel
Wet rooms for rental apartments
Herzog & de Meuron
Novartis Campus, Basel
Wet rooms
Novartis AG


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